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Li'l Andy Productions
Glenn Goveia
12326 Laurel Terrace Drive
Studio City, CA  91604

Li'l Andy Productions was started by the idea of doing a Pet Journal to commemorate the life of our beloved pet, Andy, a 13 year old mixed terrier.  When we found Andy, we had no idea what his past life was like.  I thought it would be great if pet owners were able to document their pet's life in a journal similar to the manner mother's document their child's young days.  This way there is always a record of memories.  As a result of this, I came up with the book I'M PART OF THE FAMILY, TOO! which will help you record such memories for your pet.   

As a result of self-publishing, I spoke with a couple friends who also had books they self-published which led to my website featuring not only my pet journal, but the following books as well:

GOING TO THE DOG, Therapy stories for Grown-Ups by Paul De Mielche with Pictures by Cathy Malkasian also available.

ACTOR'S INTERVIEW LOG by Sandra de Bruin.

You may review these three books under BOOKS FOR SALE.