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GOING TO THE DOG, Therapy Stories for Grown-Ups with Dr. Whiskers
By: Paul De Mielche
Pictures By: Cathy Malkasian

Dr. Whiskers, the wise old mixed-breed DOG, was invented little by little, story by story, as a way to help therapy clients gain insight and obectivity into their behavioral and emotional problems.  Dr. Whiskers' therapy stories involve animal patients, whom, therapy patiens would discover to be quite similar to themselves or the people with whom they are having trouble relating.  Stories include: WANDA, the hippopotamus, WANTS TO BE WANTED; WALET, the Anteater, WON'T EAT ANTS; ANDREA, the Tiger, CREATES HER OWN CAGE; plus 5 other stories.
Available for $14.95 (+ tax in CA and shipping/handling)